Monster Cleaning Harpenden was settled down many years go, as a small local company. During these long years we have managed to grow and we have became one of the leaders on the market. Now we have local professional team all over London and Greater London.

Call us to check if we cover your area and what is our availability!

We do work now seven days a week (Monday to Sunday), as well as on holidays and we do not charge any additional weekend or holiday charges. Our available slots are in the morning and in the afternoon. From company with short list with services that we provide, we have reached leading position and our list with jobs that we offer expanded, not you can easily book every of our services.

Monster Cleaning Harpenden – A company with strong working principles and corporate tradition.

The prices that we offer are reasonable and competitive. We base our costs on the economical status of London and Greater London area. Our prices are budget friendly and will not rip your pocket!

We use only present – day machinery, materials and cleaning chemicals, which are not tested on laboratory animals. Our company is Green, we do not use danger chemical substances, which can harm your kids or pets. All of our cleaning liquids are biodegradable and toxic neutral, 100% for your family!

The main reason for the company success is our professional staff members. They are all ambitious and creative, full with energy and desire to learn new things. We motivate and help them to improve the working process and develop new cleaning techniques and methods.

Our cleaners are all fully trained and experienced, they possess knowledge and expertise to deal with all the mess and filthiness possible. They are trustworthy and reliable workers, which will work hard to achieve the best results.

The customer assistants in our offices are fully informed for every service and the working processes. They can answer all our customer’s questions and customize an individual quote for free. All of our staff members keep in touch and co ordinate their work with their supervisors for the smooth progress..

We can also offer:

High pressure washing – We can clean any patio, decking, side walks or driveway fast and easy! Our technician is well trained and experienced, with his powerful machine, which is modern and top of the line. Call our customer representatives now and ask for you free quotation!


Home Cleaning

We offer you home cleaning on regular basis- weekly or fortnightly. We will send you same cleaner on the chosen day by you. The operative on site will follow your list with priorities, that you require to be completed during the visit of our cleaner. The service will be based on your requirements and needs!

Office Cleaning

The most motivating is the nice working atmosphere! We can help you to create it, our professional cleaners will complete your list with tasks that you want to be done. They will work hard to satisfy your needs every time. Our cleaners are fully vetted and police checked, so you do not need to worry about the security of your office!

Oven Cleaning

We provide specialized oven cleaning preformed by professional technicians. They will inspect it first, according the results they will apply non toxic, eco friendly solution to remove all the built grease and grime and leave your oven sparkling. You can also add hob, extractor, microwave or BBQ cleaning.

End of Tenancy

Our service includes the following: deep cleaning of all floors, hoovering of the carpet. Everything will be cleaned from inside and outside, bathroom included. The whole property will be dusted top to bottom and left spotless. We have a guarantee for our service which is 48 hours, you can call us and ask for a re-clean if something isn't right.

Carpet and Rug

All the stains, dirty patches and high traffic area will be treated first with proper solution. After this our technician will use a machinery to shampoo the carpet/ rug and extract approximately 95% of the moisture and with that all the dirt will come out! We can achieve great results no matter the material and fibre of the carpet/ rug.


Remove the death skin flakes and body liquids and tons of dust from the top surface of your sofa, mattress or armchair. We can do it fast and easy for you with our powerful machine. No mater what is the material of your upholstered furniture. Create bacteria free environment for you family and pets!

Spring Cleaning

We offer you a time limited service with our professional teams. They work fast and efficient, they will clean as much as they can for time booked. They will bring all the cleaning materials and equipment that are needed for the service. The service is perfect for partial property cleaning or just spring refreshment.

Deep Cleaning

Our equipment and cleaning liquids are strong enough to clean any stains, to remove excess tape and paint, and dust from heavy builders work. At the same time they are harmless for our health. Our experienced and well trained cleaners will clean the mess after the builders and leave your property cleaned!

What our clients have to say

  • A friend of mine recommended this company to me, I was in need of carpet cleaning, because my carpet was neglected. Their technician did such a great job, he left the carpet spotless!



  • We had to move out of rental property and we wanted our deposit back of course, so we decided to contact this cleaning company. One of the girls that works there was very fast in giving us a quote, she was very polite to book the most suitable slot for us as well!



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